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Discovery Workshop – Data Security and Citizen Services

August 30, 2012 / futurecin / Events, News

Data security is the practice of keeping data protected from corruption and unauthorized access. The key focus being to ensure privacy while protecting personal, government or corporate data.

With the majority of government-based interactions with citizens now moving to online portals and cloud-based platforms the importance of securing data and personal information is becoming increasingly important around the world.

For these reasons, innovation in the securing of this personal information is now critical in the design, planning and deployment of cloud based citizen services platforms, and provides a unique opportunity for New Zealand to take a leadership in this growing sector.

The Mosaic discovery workshop is being held to uncover and discuss the key issues in citizen services and data security for New Zealand, with the objective of identifying specific opportunities for New Zealand government, industry and academia to collaborate in the design and implementation of data security solutions in New Zealand and internationally.

Focusing on Data Security and Citizen Services this workshop brings together government, industry and academia to:

  • identify global trends and local/export opportunities in online citizen services and data security
  • explore Wellington’s capabilities, skills  and resources to pursue these opportunities
  • establish specific collaborative projects to build innovation capacity and data security applications
  • establish channels for these applications and capacities to markets in New Zealand and Asia Pacific

Event Details
Date:                Friday 26th October 2012
Time:                9am – 1pm
Location:           Weltec, Wellington
RSVP      by Friday 19th October

Partners: IRL, Weltec, Mircosoft, Greater Wellington Council

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