Collaborative Networks

As an international NGO, The Future Cities Institute deeply believes in the potential for science and technology to contribute to the well-being of humanity.

Helping realize the benefits of investments in research and innovation in improving people’s lives via cooperation and collaboration is fundamental to our mission and the opportunity to help lift collaborative innovation in local economies provides the opportunity to not only bring global experience and practices in collaborative networks to cities.

Together with out members and partners we offering a range of services on a managed project or fee-for-service basis to:

  • Strengthen the local innovation ecosystems by creating greater access to and exchange of collaborative ideas, expertise, skills, patterns, practices, and technologies
  • Enable increased pace, breadth, and depth of innovation in local economies by developing collaborative capacity that amplifies and accelerates the innovation efforts of individuals, organisations and local economic development agencies
  • Enable international collaboration for urban innovation & research clusters, and their associated organisations and individuals
  • Increase the capacity for local enterprises to conduct R&D programmes using internal resources or in partnership with public research organisations
  • Support tertiary institutions and public research organisations to meet this increased demand in ‘industry-led research’ by enhancing their capacity to collaborate with industry, and
  • Measure, research, and disseminate the impacts of collaborative innovation on the New Zealand economy (see Impacts Section below)